by Aethyrium

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1. With Fire (10:38)
2. Felled and Wormrotted (10:58)


released August 27, 2016

All music by Aethyrium © 2016
Mixed and mastered by Brian Rush at Pale Magus Productions



all rights reserved


Aethyrium Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: With Fire
Lo, this fire burns
As a gift from the sky
Prometheus, thy children call
So bring us your light
Enraging the gods

And all that eyes have seen
Shall be cleansed with fire

While in a dream, the Serpent of Fire lies deep in the Earth’s breast
Lying in wait for the last god to breathe their last breath

For with this fire, we cast down
The gods from the sky
And with their fall, our fate is forged
By the ones who now bear their light
Usurping the throne

And all that eyes have seen
Shall be cleaned with fire

The day has come when these gods dethroned
Unveil the Serpent’s wrath upon the Earth
Rise from thy lair
Go forth, incinerate this world
And render that which brought her to her grave
And rise into the sky

Mother, I pray for thee
As your children burn amidst the flames
And I was there
For I have seen this coming end
And envisioned the embers falling from the sky
Lo, this fire blinds my eyes

Oh, hear the cries
Of thy children dying in the ashes of thy Serpent’s firestorm

And all that eyes have seen
Shall be cleansed with fire
Track Name: Felled and Wormrotted
I: The Rendering
Oh, you mighty one who once walked among us all
And now you lie, bound to a felled and wormrotted shell

Lo, our bodies shall be given to our mother earth
And so shall our bones be scattered upon these sacred grounds

II: Transcendence
(solos: Steve/Mat)

Here you lie as thy soul ascends up from these haunted groves
Free is the light that you once held within thy heart
So make this climb up from this sylvan tomb
Rise and take your place amongst the gods.

Ascend to the stars

With arms outstretched to the sun
And with arms outstretched to the stars
Behold the reign of thy twilight shall fall
And so come forth with arms outstretched to the sky
So rise!